Кафедра фундаментальных и прикладных проблем физики микромира МФТИ

в Объединённом институте Ядерных Исследований


Clearly, in the beginning was Nothing. Not even MIPT or JINR.
And then, everything came into existence.

The Chair of the Department of General and Applied Physics of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology was officially established in Dubna in the summer of 1993 under the name “Fundamental and Applied High Energy Physics”, but in fact, it had already been functioning for 3 years. As it often happens in real life, in the process of Chair establishing objective reasons interwove with those of personal matter. Objectively, JINR was growing old, which required recruitment of the talented youth for participation in the advanced projects of the Institute. At different times such projects included c-τ factory in Dubna, LHC experiments, building of NICA collider.

The personal, “behind-the-stage” factor. which significantly extended contacts with Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology , was that the son of G. Shelkov, one of the Chair foundation initiators, became the student of MIPT. Having a “representative” at the Department of General and Applied Physics (DGAP) made it considerably easier to establish direct communication with the students. After a number of “underground” meetings in the never-to-be-forgotten interiors of the DGAP hostel (as they were at the time) resulted in half of the students’ (about 20 people) submitting applications for the switch to individual education plan with a chair in Dubna. The Dean’s office wasn’t too enthusiastic about this mass “exodus” of the students from other DGAP chairs. It was necessary to show everyone, including ourselves, that Dubna is able and is willing to help young physicists and engineers join contemporary science and take their rightful place in it. The attempt turned out to be a success, which led to the establishment of a new Chair of the Department of General and Applied Physics not only "de facto", but also "de jure".

Past years have shown that the idea was successful: the Institute had the opportunity to recruit smart graduates, and the students – to participate in contemporary global-scale scientific research, almost in any branch of modern nuclear physics. Being perfectly aware of the fact that a scientific activity can be effective only if you put your life into it, unlike the one performed under compulsion, we encourage and help students, from their first days in Dubna, to be introduced to the widest possible range of scientific research conducted at JINR. And regardless of the name of the Chair - Fundamental and Applied High Energy Physics” – there has not been a single episode, when a student was prohibited from being engaged in any other scientific activity at JINR. Having analyzed the results, we are pleased to point out that nearly 80% of our alumni have successfully finished their education and found their niche in science, half of them – at JINR.

In 2007 theoretical training program was noticeably expanded and a new branch - Theoretical Physics - appeared. The name of the Chair was changed to “Fundamental and Applied Problems of Micro World Physics”. In February 2008, a permanent establishment of the Chair in MIPT was started.

In conclusion it should be noted that if you intend to deal with fundamental science, the best place for it is a world-class research center. And an international research center – Joint Institute for Nuclear Research – will be one of the most favorable decisions.

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