JINR-based Department of Fundamental and Applied Problems of Microworld Physics

JINR-based Department of Fundamental and Applied Problems of Microworld Physics is a subdivision of the Faculty of General and Applied Physics of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. At the same time it is a part of the University Centre of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. The Department is located in Dubna not far from Moscow on the banks of Volga River.

The Department is aimed at educating and training highly qualified specialists in the following fields:

Graduates of the Department are usually employed by JINR, according to Phistech's Educational Approach. Moreover, they are often employed by the companies of JINR `innovation cluster' in the Spesial Economic Zone.

Scientific research is conducted both at JINR basic facilities (nuclotron, phasotron, IBR-2M pulsed reactor and IREN neutron source, heavy ion cyclotrons etc) and in the framework of international collaboration at the accelerators of CERNDESYGSI, Fermilab and other leading research centres. Students may participate in the LHC experiments and in the international projects FAIR and XFEL. An important role in the research programme is played by the experiments studying the properties of nuclear matter at the new JINR collider NICA(currently under construction) of Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics. Of great scientific importance are the experiments on the synthesis of superheavy elements in Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions and those in the field of condensed matter physics conducted at the IBR-2M in Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics.

To sum it all up, we can say that if you fancy taking 24-dimensional integrals and calculate Feynman diagrammes of the fourth vanishing order by the coupling constant, or if you enjoy looking for leaks, soldering circuits, developing software and laying cables, thus cutting the edge of science, then our Department is what you need!

Head of Department
Prof. Dmitry KAZAKOV, DSc (Physics and Maths)
E-mail: kazakovd@theor.jinr.ru
Phone: +7 (49621) 65687

Deputy Head of Department
Georgy SHELKOV, PhD (Physics and Maths)       
E-mail: chelkov@jinr.ru
Phone: +7(49621)62462 

Deputy Head of Department
Stanislav PAKULIAK, DSc (Physics and Maths)
E-mail: pakuliak@uc.jinr.ru
Phone: +7(49621)65089