Кафедра фундаментальных и прикладных проблем физики микромира МФТИ

в Объединённом институте Ядерных Исследований

Dolgoprudny Branch

One of the natural obstacles for us to overcome while working with junior students has always been Dubna’s remoteness from Moscow. Having only one day a week, it’s no use expecting the lectures on one’s specialty to be learnt and research activities to be successful, in view of the fact that the back-to-back journey takes 5-6 hours.

As a result, a decision was made, according to which third-year students were to perform their activities in the MIPT Laboratory of Experimental Techniques in Physics (LETP) and to come to Dubna starting from their fourth year. This decision made students’ lives easier; however, it entailed some negative consequences.

First of all, by the end of the third year of studies students had had a fairly vague idea of their Chair. Hardly anybody had the notion of what JINR was, what people did there and in what conditions they worked. Secondly, by the start of the fourth year students had lacked elementary professional knowledge and skills, which could have allowed their immediate tuning into scientific activity of the Chair. Thus, four-year students spent half a year orientating themselves around JINR and picking out a scientific supervisor, then it took them some time to get familiar with elementary tools used in High Energy Physics. And what’s more, the bachelor thesis was near at hand…

To fix the situation, in 2003 educational works on data analysis and computer modeling in High Energy Physics were conducted at LETP. The experiment turned out to be quite a success. The students were given an opportunity to learn the basics of working with real-life data (collected in collaborative CERN-JINR experiments in 2002-2003) and building simple models of experimental facilities including study of their characteristics using Monte-Carlo method. Consequently, students didn’t have to lose a year and were able to tune into the work of the Chair at their fourth year.

In order to nail down the success, the management of MIPT and the dean’s office of DGAP cooperated with us, and in February, 2008, a Branch of the Chair was established in room 114 of MIPT campus building for Applied Mathematics. Now anyone can come and get introduced to their Chair and ask an authorized representative of JINR in MIPT any questions they are interested in. In the premises of the Branch the LETP scientific and research work is conducted. Moreover, any interested junior student can participate in scientific work on the main directions of JINR activity in their spare time. No one will expect to see extraordinary awareness and qualification, as modern High Energy Physics offers a wide range of crucial tasks to-be-solved requiring simply a general knowledge of physics, programming skills and a hint of academic ambition.

Welcome to room 114 of MIPT campus building for Applied Mathematics!

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